Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center


Designing Biology is a Radcliffe Symposium held in May 2005 to address the connections between biology, medicine, and the physical sciences, sponsored by the Center. Nobelist Linda Buck presented the first talk. The symposium included a panel discussion about starting a new company based on academic research. Frontiers in Nanoscience and Technology (FNST) is an international yearly workshop that was organized with Sakaki. The 2004 FNST workshop was held at Harvard on Coherent Electronic, Quantum Information Processing, and Quantum Optoelectronics. It attracted many faculty and students from Japan and Europe, as well as from the local area. The Center has conducted many meetings with visiting groups of investigators from Europe and Asia to talk about nanoscience and technology.

Industrial Connections The aim of Harvard's Industrial Outreach Program (IOP) headed by Fawwaz Habbal is to increase connections with industry. The IOP holds a yearly workshop Frontiers in Materials and Nanoscience Research to connect research in the Center with industry and promote collaborations. The topic in 2005 was Biomedicine and Biotechnology, and the outside speakers included Matt Tirrell (UCSB) and Robert Langer (MIT). Connections with industry are also made through the monthly Nanotechnology & Business Forum organized by Chinh Pham of Greenberg Traurig. Each Forum joins an academic talk with one from industry on a related topic. Many Center participants have collaborations with industry.


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