Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
NSEC Highlights


These are recent highlights from our center including research, education, and outreach:


Center for Nanoscale Systems
Harvard University

National Nanostructure Infrastructure Network
Harvard University

New in-situ Growth and Characterization System at UCSB
Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara

Education and Outreach:

Nano Days
Museum of Science, Boston

The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show
Museum of Science, Boston

Special Black History Month Presentation
Museum of Science, Boston


Strain Dependent Molecular Changes in Protein nanoFabrics
Kevin (Kit) Parker (Harvard)

Slot-waveguide Based On-chip Polarization Splitter and Passive Particle Sorting
Kenneth Crozier (Harvard)

Novel Nanostructures

Nanofabrication Using Conducting Polymers
Joanna Aizenberg (Harvard)

Self-positioning of Self-assembled Quantum Dots
Pierre Petroff (UCSB)

Nanoscale Imaging and Control of Resistance Switching in VO2
Jennifer Hoffman (Harvard)

Imaging of Molecules for Electronic Switching
Cynthia M. Friend (Harvard)

Optical Nanostructures

A Diamond Nanowire Single Photon Source
Marko Loncar (Harvard)

Core-shell Nanoparticle Clusters
Federico Capasso (Harvard)

Plasmonic Optical Cavities
Evelyn Hu (Harvard)

Spin Control

Anomalous Magnetotransport in a Graphene Device
Bertrand I. Halperin (Harvard)











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