Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
NSEC Highlights


These are recent highlights from our center including research, education, and outreach:


Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering and Center for Nanoscale Systems
Harvard University

National Nanostructure Infrastructure Network
Harvard University

Education and Outreach:

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Network)
C. Lynn Alpert, Larry Bell, R.M. Westervelt, George Whitesides, Eric Mazur, Kathryn Hollar

New Internship Program
Museum of Science, Boston

Research Cluster1-Tools for Integrated Nanobiology

CMOS Mini NMR System
Donhee Ham (Harvard)

Multiscale Modeling of DNA Translocation through Nanopores
Efthimios Kaxiras (harvard)

Electroactive Hydrogels for Biological Applications
Kevin (Kit) Parker (Harvard)

Size Segregation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles
Howard A. Stone (Harvard)

Fabrication of Arrays of Metal and Metal-Oxide Nanotubes by Shadow Evaporation
George M. Whitesides (Harvard)

Fluorescent and Raman Active Silver Nanoparticles
Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard)

Research Cluster2- Nanoscale Building Blocks

Nanowire Optoelectronics
Federico Capasso (Harvard)

Microfabricated Fresnel Zone Plate Optical Tweezer
Kenneth Crozier (Harvard)

Chemical Mobilization of Metal Atoms in Nanostructures
Cynthia M. Friend (Harvard)

Nonlinear Sagnac Interforometer
Eric Mazur (Harvard)

Phase-change Nanowires and Nanowire Heterostructures
Hongkun Park (Harvard)

Unique Exciton Storage Memory
Pierre Petroff (UCSB)

Mapping the Electronic Structure of VO2 Thin Films Using NEAFS across the
Phase Transition Boudary

Shriram Ramanathan (Harvard)

Research Cluster 3- Imaging at the Nanoscale

Spectroscopy of Quantum Hall Systems
Raymond Ashoori (MIT)

Effects of Electron-Electron Interactions in an Inhomogenous One-Dimensional Wire
Bertrand I. Halperin (Harvard)

Imaging a Quantum Wave
Eric J. Heller (Harvard)

High Resolution Force Microscope
Jennifer Hoffman (Harvard)

Spin-dependent Tunneling
Marc Kastner (MIT)

Nanoparticle-Based Molecular Imaging for MRI
Charles M. Marcus (Harvard)

Sweet Spot in Double Semiconductor Quantum Dot Electronic Structure
Michael Stopa (Harvard)

Control of a Double Quantum Dot in an InAs/InP Nanowire by an STM Tip
Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard) and Lars Samuelson (Lund)

Electron and Hole-rich Regions in Graphene
Amir Yacoby (Harvard)










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