Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications

Imaging at the Nanoscale
Quantum Information Processing

FNST Schedule of Talks

Thursday, January 26

  8:00   Continental Breakfast and Registration
  8:40   Seigo Tarucha (University of Tokyo)
          Welcome and Overview of Workshop
  8:50   Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard University)
          Connections with Industry
  9:00   Robert Doering (Texas Instruments)
          Overview of US Industry Strategic Plan
  9:40   George Bourianoff (Intel Corporation)
          Beyond CMOS Devices
10:20  Coffee Break
10:40  Lars Samuelson (Lund University)
          Nanowire Electronics
11:20  Phaedon Avouris (IBM)
             Carbon Nanotube Electronics and Optoelectronics
12:00  Lunch Break
  1:20   Charles M. Marcus (Harvard University)
             Center for Nanoscale Systems
  1:30   Pushkar Apte (Semiconductor Industry Association)
             The Global Nanoelectronics Challenge
  2:10   Shriram Ramanathan (Harvard University)
             Towards Complex Oxide-based Nano-switches on Technologically Relevant           Platforms
  2:30   Hongjie Dai (Stanford University)
             Carbon Nanotube: Electrical Properties and Devices
  3:10  Coffee Break
  3:30   Yasuhiko Arakawa (IT-MEXT, University of Tokyo)
              Advances in Quantum Dots for Semiconductor Non-Classical Light Sources
  4:10    Federico Capasso (Harvard University)
              Nanophotonic Devices Based on Wires, Waveguides, and Optical Antennas
  4:50   Poster Session A with refreshments

Friday, January 27

  8:00    Continental Breakfast and Registration
  8:50    Federico Capasso (Harvard University)
  9:00    Naoki Yokoyama (Fujitsu)
              Carbon Nanotube Technologies towards Practical Applications in Future

  9:40    Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (Delft University)
              Carbon Nanotubes as Quantum Dots
10:20   Coffee Break
10:40    Kazuhiko Hirakawa (University of Tokyo)
              Dispersive Terahertz Gain of Non-Classical Oscillator: Block Oscillation
           in Semiconductor Superlattices

11:20    Andre Geim (University of Manchester)
              Electronic Properties of 2-D Carbon
12:00    Lunch Break
  1:20    Eric Heller (Harvard University)
              Imaging Electron Flow in 2DEGs with and without Magnetic Fields
  2:00    Raymond Ashoori (MIT)
              Imaging Transport Resonances in the Quantum Hall Effect
  2:40    Cyrus Hirjibehedin (IBM)
              Spin-Coupled Chains Assembled with Atomic Precision
  3:20   Coffee Break
  3:40    Michihisa Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)
              Electron Pump of One-Dimensional Wigner Crystal
  4:20     Jacob Taylor (Harvard University)
              Fault-tolerant Architecture for Quantum Computation Using Electrically
           Controlled Semiconductor Spins

  5:00   Poster Session B with refreshments

Saturday, January 28

  8:00    Continental Breakfast and Registration
  8:50    Charles M. Marcus (Harvard University)
  9:00    Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Stanford University)
              Cavity QED Network Connected by Coherent States
  9:40    Susumu Noda (Kyoto University)
              Photonic Crystals: Ultrahigh-Q Nanocavities/Spontaneous Emission Control
10:20   Coffee Break
10:40    Daniel Loss (University of Basel)
              Spin Qubits and Hyperfine Interactions in Single and Double
           Quantum Dots

11:20    Yoshiro Hirayama (NTT)
              Polarization, Relaxation, and Coherent Control of Nuclear Spins
           in Semiconductor Systems

12:00   Lunch Break
  1:20    Jason Petta (Harvard University)
              Controlling a Singlet-Triplet Spin Qubit
  2:00    Tsuyoshi Hatano (ICORP/JST)
              Exchange Coupling in a Few Electron Double-Dot
  2:40    Yasuhiro Tokura (NTT & ICORP/JST)
              Coherent Single Electron Spin Control in a Slanting Zeeman Field
  3:20    Seigo Tarucha (University of Tokyo)
              Concluding Comments


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