Frontiers In Nanoscale Science and Technology

October 25–26, 2004

A Workshop on Coherent Electronics, Quantum Information Processing,
and Quantum Optoelectronics

Workshop Photo Gallery

Here is a group photo of our FNST Workshop Speakers:

Left to right:
Martino Poggio (UCSB), Toshiaki Hayashi (NTT), Charles Marcus (Harvard), Hongkun Park (Harvard), Leo Kouwenhoven (TU Delft), Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard), Venky Narayanamurti (Harvard), Moungi Bawendi (MIT), Daniel Loss (U Basel), Robert Schoelkopf (Yale), Gerhard Abstreiter (TU Munchen), Bertrand I Halperin (Harvard), Seigo Tarucha (U Tokyo), Hiroyuki Sakaki (U Tokyo), Raymond Ashoori (MIT), Yasuhiko Arakawa (IIS U Tokyo), Yoshiro Hirayama (NTT).



FNST Workshop co-Chair
Professor Robert M. Westervelt
welcomes the group and
gives an overview of the Nanoscale
Science and Engineering


FNST Workshop co-Chair
Hiroyuki Sakaki is shown
giving his talk:

Recent Advances
in Quantum Dots,
Quantum Wires
and Related Nanostructures:
Summary of Collaborative
Research Projects
on Quantum Dots at the
University of Tokyo.



Dean Venky Narayanamurti
welcomes attendees to Harvard
and discusses his involvement
in the Nanoscale Science and
Engineering Center.

Professor Yoshiro Hirayama
explains one of the theories of his talk:
Manipulation of Nuclear Spins in GaAs Based
Hetero-and Nanostructures.







U of Minnesota Professor
Leonid Glazman
asks a question during
fellow speaker Leo
Kouwenhoven's talk.

Professor Kouwenhoven
attempts to explain
futher to his colleague.

Leo's talk was on:
Single Spins in 1-D
Nanowires and Tubes.





TU Delft Professor
Daniel Loss gives
his talk: Decoherence and Relaxation
of Spin Qubits in Quantum Dots








The FNST poster sessions provided wonderful oportunities for learning and collaboration.



Harvard grad student William Andress
gets a chance to discuss his NSEC research
with Japaneses students visiting from
U Tokyo.






Harvard grad student Michael Biercuk
gets an opportunity to discuss his research
with workshop speaker Hiroyuki Sakaki




Scholarship recipient Jorden VanDam
is shown discussing his research while
Harvard grad student Ania Bleszynski
listens in.







TU Delft student Oleg Jouravlev (right) was one of our
FNST scholarship recipients. Here he discusses his research
with visiting Columbia University post doc Aditi Mitra.






Murat Gel from U Tokyo
has a chance to discuss his
research with NSEC member and
MIT Professor Raymond Ashoori